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Knorr: To warm ourselves and our hearts project

 Knorr is involved in the lifes of 320 million people in 87 different countries. As a food brand, Knorr aims to present the generous grounds that provide their resources to future generations. It organizes projects that provide tastiness and nutriciousness in oguz1012food and focuses in distributing this among every social class. The brand works on this goal in every country in which it is active. In Turkey Knorr presented the ‘To warm ourselves and our hearts’ project. In cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent, it aims to provide those unable to feed themselves in a healthy fashion with the much needed nutrition. Knorr values durability. Therefore, its objective is to keep realizing project such as the one described above.[2]

 When we look at the globalizing world in which fast food consumption has reached peaks it is easy to see that this project makes perfect sense. It shows us the use to have warm soup and the importance of this use. Besides, it shows that Knorr’s target is not only those in higher social levels because of its coorperation with the Red Crescent of Turkey. This project does not only show that Knorr cares about the health, but also about old uses that used to warm our hearts.

Knorr goes hand in hand with Vodafone to provide durability in agriculture

oguz1013Knorr and Vodafone aim to meet farmers in Gaziantep, Diyarbakır, Kahramanmaraş and Mersin to provide education about agriculture. To present the generosity of the natural grounds to future generations the project aims to reach 1,500 farmers.  

There will be truck driving around the provinces and provide theoratical education in subjects, such as bio differences, water sources, grounds and agricultural resources. Vodafone will be sending educational messages in the form of SMS’s and aims to reach 800,000 farmers that are in their data base.[3] Knorr, which believes that the sources that create the tasty meals for consumers are not infinite, came together with Vodafone, which values the social aspect of doing business more than the profits, and united to create a better tomorrow. Both firms are aware that if the natural resources are not used wisely, it will be disastrous in the future. Besides, the project shows also that education is the key to many things. Awareness in agriculture will provide the tables with more healthy dishes. 



Hatice Yasemin ÖZEN




Sezer Berat AYDIN


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