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Besides the products and services of a company, creating strong bonds with customers is an outstanding opportunity. Social responsible projects and strategies are important factors that add durability to a brand. Especially in creating an image and added values.[2]

The strategy described above is being implemented by ‘ÜLKER’ to ensure durability for the brand. In this week’s text, we will be analysing Ülker’s social projects.

ÜLKER CHILD CINEMA FEST: During Turkey’s National Children day the brand aimed to present a gift for children by working on the creative mind of the children. İn 2008, Ülker kicked off the Child Cinema Fest project and made sure that 10,000’s of children who had never seen a cinema could watch a movie on the great screen.


oguz93ÜLKER CHILD ART WORKSHOP: Ülker believes in the creative mind of children and aims to improve their way of thinking by encouraging them. The brand believes that encouraging creative thinking is art’s task of grave importance. To make sure children become lovers and knowers of arts, Ülker has planned Child Art Workshop. In four years’ time, Ülker has managed to get 13,000 children in contact with arts.

oguz94ÜLKER FOOTBALL FOR CHILDREN PROJECT: Under this project Ülker has organized realized Football Villages, Elite Football Villages, Football Schools, TFF-Ülker U-13 Schools League and the University Football Cooperation project. If we also add basketball, the brand made sure 276,000 children started practising sports. [3]

oguz95BALANCE IN FOOD PROJECT: Sabri Ülker Gıda Araştırmaları Enstitüsü Vakfı and the Ministry of Education have created ‘Balance in Food’ project in a cooperation. The project’s aim was to educate children in healthy nutrition. The brand has achieved this in over 10 provinces and educated 1 million children between the ages 8 and 11. Also, the project is one of the most important nutrition educating in the country, for, it is the largest in Turkey.[4]

When we look at Ülker’s projects, we can conclude that its campaigns are very well linked to its target group. By linking ‘Happiness’ to its brand, Ülker has done a create job in making sure children got to know arts and started practising sports. We can see that the brand takes children serious, as they see them as a investment in the future. These projects are a great addition in the children’s development and  happiness. This added to the brand’s image. The projects were not limited to the children only, but included their families as well and made sure the projects were much more effective. Also, we can see that Ülker has developed projects on the long-term and for every project they have created a different web site.

If we look at the projects in general, we can say with ease that the projects are of great addition to the development of children. As other brands of processed foods have done, Ülker has organized projects concerning health. However, if we think about the un-healthiness of Ülker’s projects it creates some kind of paradox. It seems like they are trying to give back what they take. For example, the brand sells unhealthy products, but encourages and educates about healthiness.

Ülker invests a lot in the durability of its brand. The rest of their projects can be viewed in a more detailed fashion from the web link below.


Hatice Yasemin ÖZEN




Sezer Berat AYDIN




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