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Pınar Karşıyaka, along with One Team and Wings for Life will be the light for lifelong paralysed people:

Pınar Karşıyaka, which is participating in Turkish Airlines Euroleague, has been supporting lifelong paralysed people in Euroleague’s social responsibility project Wings for Life World Run. The goal was to make sure that the voice of those who are unable to run was heard throughout the world by running. A part of the income raised by the ticket sales was used to register wheel chaired participant for the race The rest of the earnings were donated to researches that were being conducted for cures of paralysis. With this action, Pınar supported researches and made sure that so wheel chaired participants were registered.[2] Pınar has raised awareness among the populace for lifelong paralysis by realizing this public responsibility project. Another indication of success in our eyes is the fact that a great deal of the income has made dreams come true for many paralysed people.

Small things will refresh the nature

pin72‘Small things will refresh the nature’ project aims at education. It will teach primary school students how to preserve natural resources and the importance of recyclable sources. Teachings include the separation of waste into sections such as recyclable. The project shows that small efforts can change a lot positively for the nature. The project focuses at the children and also aims at getting support from parents. The children will share their knowledge with their parents and the rest of their environment and will become able to advise on natural matters.[3] With this project we are able to see that Pınar does its best to make sure the world will be a better place to live for future generations. The brand shows that the smallest touch can ignite happenings for major changes. By influencing the children, Pınar makes sure the pillars of this vision are strong.

Pınar Meat – Apprentice School

pin73As the first in Turkey, this programme aims to support youth between the ages 15 and 19 that want to work by educating them theoretically and practically. When this education is finished, the students will be able to create value in the country’s labour force. The apprentice school has 320 graduates ever since its foundation in 1998. [4] The unemployment rates in our country is the main focus of this project. Pınar, seeks to find a solution for this problem and has answered by creating his own qualitative working force and preparing youth for the hardships of the life as a labourer in a successful fashion.


Hatice Yasemin ÖZEN




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