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“The last on table, the last to be forgotten”[2]

Algida has proven scientifically that ice cream creates happiness and it does not hold back when it comes to sharing this information with its end users in its commercials or messages.[3]

“Share happiness in every season”[4] Is the slogan used by Algida to tell us that ice cream can be enjoyed en all 4 seasons. Now that we have looked at Algida’s messages, it is time to look at its environmental projects.

Icecream from Algida to disabled students: The firm’s “share the happiness” project consisted of a day on which ice cream was distributed. This made the day unforgettable for the disabled children. In Balıkesir there was a lot of attention for the ice cream distribution on Firdevs Hattatoglu business school, Province Special Containment Education Centre and Sevgi Education Application School. The children were smiling in front of the happiness machine and served their own ice cream the entire day. During the ice cream sensation day, the happy faces of all children were photographed.[5] Algida’s “share the happiness” project’s focus on disabled children creates a difference for the public and shows that shared smiles and happiness of disabled children are a value.

Unicef “Children first” cooperation supports children: Under the banner of “Children first” Algida is raising awareness for the rights and sympathy for children and is supporting projects that stimulate investment in child decision making. The cooperation exists of children forums, arts competitions and consciousness development throughout 25 provinces in Turkey. [6]  Algida shows by cooperating with organizations that occupy it selves with children’s rights, personal development and equally important events that its target group is children and that the brand values the wellbeing of children.

Algida’s ice cream will be raining via Shazam this year: On the 10th of April all TV channels will be showing Algida’s new commercial at the same time. “What if it would rain Ice cream from the sky” slogan and the presentation of an image that shows that summer is coming. Furthermore, Algida has a surprise for its followers this year. By using the Shazam application users are able to win prizes from their smartphones and tablets.[7] With this campaign Algida succeeded in entertaining its users in a sensational method and surprised them with its prizes. With this action Algida achieved brand awareness and gained the sympathy of its target group.

Algida’s commercial that integrated television with the virtual world in order to create value for consumers can be watched from the link below: 


Hatice Yasemin ÖZEN




Sezer Berat AYDIN

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