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Biz, Torku’yuz, Biz Konya Şekeriz.

The CEO of the non-profit organization Net Impact Liz Maw says that KSS is broadening much faster than ever before. The importance of this situation is as follows:

“Durability is not only important for human beings and the planet, but it is also of grave importance for business administration.”[1]

In this week’s blog we will be talking about a brand that is perfectly aware of this: Torku.

Torku Anadolu (Anatolia) is a community existing out of 900,000 farmers. They process their own products in their own factories.

Torku Forests are our goal; Trees as many as the Turkish population: The plantation of trees aims to give back to nature what Torku  takes from  the nature to produce its products. The plantation also targets the global warming. They plant trees in order to prevent the drying out of fields. These lastly mentioned situations plague the country and prevent good harvest.

We are the supporters of future healthy generations: To support sports and to stimulate the youth to start joining sports events and grow up in this fashion is one of Torku’s main goals. The company cooperates with Konya Şekerspor Club in cycling and wrestling. Torku is also a sponsor of Konya’s football team.

We realize projects that are in touch with the public in the Health branch: Projects are making it easier for people to donate organs, blood and also supports eldery and disabled people. The organ donation  project reached record numbers and was rewarded by the ministry  of Health. 

Konya Sugar, adds “blood” to life: The organization is cooperating with the Turkish Red Crescent to organize a blood donation campaign. Every year this project is realized and provides the Turkish Red Crescent with 408 units of blood donations.[2]


If we look at Torku’s projects, we can see that the organization aims at the Health branch. Torku seems to missionize the people’s wellbeing and health. They aim at the naturality, healthiness and quality of their products. This proves that their way of doing business and their mission is very well linked to each other. In terms of health, the organization conducts very much researches. As a brand of the Turkish city Konya, Torku supports the local football team and values its cities qualities. The city can clearly experience the support of Torku. But beside taking care of public needs, it is also a method  to create brand awareness and to create a better turnover.

 “Torku Forests” project aims on the other hand, is like they state themselves is to give back to nature what they take from it. Torku does not just plant the trees, but also maintains them.

The most important thing we can say about Torku is that the company is perfectly well able to analyze public issues and to adapt its mission with the appropriate implementations.  


Hatice Yasemin ÖZEN




Sezer Berat AYDIN

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