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Public responsibility projects are the most important ways to create space to move and create an image or reputation for a company or organization. The most important part of these projects is to create durability and to realize an effect on the long-run.[1] In this week’s text we will discuss the projects created and realized by “DANONE”. So, Let us start …

  Ever since 1998 Danone Turkey is being part of the people’s healthy lifestyle with its tasty and accessible-by-everyone products and mission in the dairy products market. Danino, Danette, Activia, Danone Natural and Danone Disney are the brands that make up for the tasty, quality, healthy and wide ranged assortment which Danone aims to present to its consumers.

 dan52 Health for milk and support for my village project: Danone’s Farmer Development Project supports delivering healthy and quality milk to consumers. The milk comes from 12,000 farmers, which are working according to the quality standards of the European Union. And thus, the milk contains the right microbiologic quality, fat, proteins. This means the Turkish milk is fit to compete with European brands, because of the profits, capacity, durability and management.
The farmer development project gives support in the provision of villages or farm estates with a central milking units, feeding unit and cooling systems to integrate every process into one milk production house. The amount of these integrated milk production  houses is 18. Danone Turkey is in close cooperation with the ministry of Food, Agriculture, Husbandry, Ziraat Bank and Village Cooperative to produce high quality milk.

 dan53 Danone International Cup Project: Since the year 2000 Danone Turkey is telling children to ‘believe in their dreams’ by organizing this project and forming Turkey’s largest sports organization for children. This project is acknowledged by FIFA and is the only cup for children in the world and is practised in 40 countries by over 2,5 million children. With the slogan “Believe in your dreams!” the projects opens its arms to children from different cultures and uniting them  by teaching children respect and love. This is being realized by making the children play football gently and fair. Therefore, Danone organizes competitions in order to get the children play football. Coaches such as Zidane meet children during the competition. The international cup in Turkey is being organized and realized in cooperation with the Ministry of sports and education.

 dan54 Smiling Future Primary School Project: In June 2004 with the support of ‘Daily Life Support’ and the ministry of education this project of Danone is being realized. Danone puts effort in bringing primary education to the standard level of Europe. Five hundred schools have been built throughout the 81 provinces of Turkey. The company greatly adds to the high quality education of over 25,000 children. [2]

  When we look into the projects of this organization, we can see that ‘Health’ is of utmost importance for the company’s mission. With projects such as ‘Health for Milk and support for my village’ Danone aims to deliver quality milk to consumers by organizing the farmers and developing their techniques. The company realizes that by organizing projects such as these, the quality of its own products will improve as well. Thus, by taking action the problem will be solved from the bottom.

  The other projects are aimed at children. Danone’s name is heard in the branch because of its caring projects for infants. The target group exists mainly out of children. Therefore, we can conclude that the projects are of utmost appropriatness.

  With the international cup project the company teaches children to respect each other by promoting fair play. With the slogan ‘Believe in your Dreams” the company is an inspiration for the children. By inviting children from diverse cultures, educates the children in terms of ethics and knowledge about other society’s uses.

  ‘Smiling future primary school’ project is done in close cooperation with the ministry of education and ‘daily life support’. This is done in order to meet the European education requirements. Which will provide children with quality education.

  If we look at all the projects in general, we can conclude that the organization is trying to lift parts of Turkey that lack the European quality to a higher level. Therefore, this organization is a real addition for the country. The reason for this is that we can see that the company helps the entire country by improving its own management processes. 


Hatice Yasemin ÖZEN




Sezer Berat AYDIN

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