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The first McDonalds restaurant was opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California, United States in 1940. Today, McDondald’s operates in more than 119 countries and serves in over 34,000 restaurants. 13,000 of these restaurants are located outside the United States of America. All operations throughout the world are being controlled by the headquarters in Oak Brook. Oak Brook is also located in the US. Again in Oak Brook is the Hamburger University of founden by McDonald’s. The university attracts thousands of employees from all around the globe. Everyone wants to become better at making burgers and understand the smallest details of the trade.

Another interesting point in McDonald’s public relations projects is the coorperation between the Fast food chain and civil society and other local organizations. In this phase, some companies prefer to create their own chairty organisations. For example, Ronald McDonald’s, one of the founders as mentioned before, Child Care Institution.

*Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)

mc42Ronald McDondald houses provide families of long-term treatment children with shelter in the houses. When the families live far away from their child that is being treated, McDondald’s designates a house for the family members. The family may stay the entire duration of the treatment. Throughout the world, there are 284 Ronald houses in 30 different countries. The first house was opened in Philadelphia on the 15th of October in 1974.

*Spent 1 million dollars on 41 Child Health  projects in 12 years time

Fast food chain McDonald’s public relations projects are being realized with the support of McDonald’s Child Care institutions ever since 1999. In Turkey, where child health is treated with the utmost appropriate seriousness, McDondald’s has spent one million dollars on the 41 projects in 25 different hospitals. Also, the cooperation between The fast food chain and GAP Bölge Kalkinma Idaresi and local organisations has been providing more than 100,000 children with eye scans for four years.

* Working for the happiness of children in treatment

McDonald’s Child care institution is first of all organizing events to keep the children who are undergoing long-term treatment happy. The chain is organizing all kinds of different projects and realizes them for the benefit of the ill children. Projects include formation of family rooms, child services, child emergency sections, playing rooms and classrooms.


*Buy a menu by cleaning the trash

The famous fast food brand cooperates closely with DDB Stockholm agency and has realized projects. One of the most important projects is as follows: If someone cleans and brings in 10 boxes of trash, a burger will be free. 20 boxes will provide the participant with a free cheeseburger and 40 boxes provide a Big Mac menu. In this way, streets are being cleaned and the hunger of customers is being stilled.

As we can conclude out of the projects, the aim is mainly at children and their health. The target group can easily identify with the projects. But if we look at the general and overall image of McDondald’s we can speak of a paradox. For, McDondald’s products are unbelievbly unhealthy. However, they seem to care about everyone’s wellbeing, especially that of children.

However, the project for a clean environment is very creative. To raise awareness among the people by giving trophees will be positive for the brand and the environment as well.


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