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Nestlé was founded by Henri Nestle in 1866. Henri Nestlé was a pharmacist in the 1860’s. He was influenced by the death of the so many infants in Switzerland. This is when he decided to conduct a research and created the pre-prepared baby nutrition. This was an astonishing success. During the same time period, the famous Swiss chocolate producer Daniel Peter was having trouble in his production process. He was not able to seperate water from milk. The solution for this issue came from Henri Nestlé and the chocolate sales started in 1875. After this cooperation process, Nestlé starting producing chocolate. Nestlé baby nutritions were introduced to the Turkish consumer in 1875. Nestlé is keeping good relations with the public ever since and is still in business in Turkey.

nestle32The brand Nestlé believes that in order to be able to do business on the long run, a company has to create value for both its stakeholders and the public. This approach is being called “Creating shared value”. These terms form the pillars of Nestlé’s CSR projects, which are being introduced in 41 countires and 15 different industry sectors. As a result, Nestlé is ranked among the 10
best CSR companies among the 4,100 rated participants. Law and international agreements obeying, good public relations keeping, ethical responsible acting during competition and any other business related relations, enviromentally friendly, reasonable natural resources consuming Nestlé’s several activities are as follows:

*“Nestlé Küresel Sağlıklı Çocuklar (Healthy Kids)”:  With this project, Nestlé is providing children with information about the importance of healthy nutrition and physical exercise in life within 70 different countries. In cooperation with universities, public organizations and institutions the information reaches more than 10 million children. In Turkey this programme is called “Beslenebilirim” and with the help of the Ministry of Education, the information reaches third grade students.

There is a website dedicated to this project:

*Elinize Sağlık Yuvanıza Sağlık: This CSR project is being processed in cooperation with the expert dietist Selahattin Dönmez’s advicnestle33e. The aim of this project is to inform mothers in terms of nutrition in order to create healthy families. The project was kicked off in Mardin in 2005. During a press conference 500 families were designated and seminars were organized until the end of 2006. These seminars were organized in cooperation with the tests ofÖzgü Beslenme Rehberi Fark Etmeden Diyet. Which is an organization for dietists.

nestle34*Nestle Damak” Fıstığımız Bol Olsun” Project: With this project, Nestlé aims to improve the quality and yielding capacity of pistachios, which is an important agricultural product for Turkey. Also of importance, is that the brand is trying to be part of the economical relief in the region. This project is being realized with the help of TEMA, which is an organization that is working on solutions to avoid erosion and desertification.


*Nestlé Pure Life “Obeziteye Karşı Hareket Zamanı”:  In cooperation with Türkiye Obezite Araştırma Derneği (Turkey Obesity research center), Nestlé Pure Life aims to create knowledge among the population about the disease. The main purpose of “Obeziteye Karşı Hareket Zamanı” is to inform people about the utmost importance of healthy food, water consumption and exercising.

nestle35Our research and our view into Nestlé’s Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) projects  that the company values healthy nutrition. The CSR projects are mainly aimed at infants and the obese. This shows that these topics are a very important part of Nestlé’s mission. These projects are of great importance due to the fact that they are educational for children in terms of avoiding unhealthy nutrition. Moreover, these projects are also a form of fun for the infants. If we consider that education starts within the family, organizing seminars for the rest of the family members is also an important part in providing information, which Nestlé does not neglect. However, as we have mentioned before in our previous works, processed foods are not beneficial in terms of health. For a company such as Nestlé, which produces processed foods, CSR projects involve certain risks. However, taking these risks into account and still publishing public health projects is a noble act and emphasises the brand’s success.

Nestlé uses the names of sister brands in order to realize its projects. If we look at the projects from this perspective, we are able to see that “Nestle Damak Fıstığımız Bol Olsun Projesi” has bonded with the product and found a means to improve the product’s quality. It also shows the importance dedicated to the water source. We can see that “Obeziteye Karşı Hareket Zamanı “ project proves to be linked to other sister brands as well. As always, Nestlé again shows its dedication to healthy nutritions by involving water consumption and exercise.


Hatice Yasemin ÖZEN




Sezer Berat AYDIN

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